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Vastu Feng Shui intensive foundation course : 

Vastu  core foundation two day intensive.

Coming in 23rd 24th Septemebr 2017 - Bowral NSW 1.5 hours from Sydney

Full detials to be realsed soon.  


Vastu is the Ancient design system from India. originating over 20,000 years ago and is the forefather and seed knowledge of Feng Shui. Vastu provides a complete design system, working with both physical and subtle energies, whilst embracing the essential connection between the natural environment and sustainability.

Understanding Vastu brings a deep and rich layer in the creation of buildings, and places.  If you are looking to broaden your understanding of the core needs of humanity with regard to there requirements around space, place and the built environment, Vastu provides a poetic and flexible palette of tools to take your designs to a more profound level. 

Vastu is one of the strongest Vedic tools for transformation of life.


Ancient sages identified the energy patterns of a plot of land and devised rules of construction that gave building, which were in accordance with the laws of nature and creation.


If our destiny or dharma is the road, Karma could seen as the rules of the road  and the sign posts along it, then Vastu is the car in which we travel along that road called destiny . We  may choose  a car that drives smoothly, efficiently, easily and comfortably or one that exacerbates every bump, hill and turn of life.

Yoga and Ayuveda may be seen as the twin wings that help us to fly in this life, Vastu is the essential stable platform from which we launch ourselves.  

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learninmg more about Vastu, be that for your own home, or as a proffesional designer or Architect or as a Vastu Consultant



This course is completed. If your intersted in upcoming Feng Shui Courses please contact me to express your interest 

The ancient art of Harmony of place

Ever wanted to know more about Feng Shui or have you read up on Feng Shui and area bit confused. Well now you have an expert to answer all your questions. This Feng Shui lecture and follow up workshop is designed to be very practical, participants will gain a solid general knowledge of Feng Shui & then be able to apply the core principles to their own environments and homes.

Feng Shui applied to a place brings about a sense of balance, harmony and peace in one’s home or any built environment. Feng Shui can literally help foster happiness and contentment and prosperity a greater connection to nature, & to our true selves.
Feng Shui is about living in a harmonious and balanced place, a home in vibrational sympathy, not only with ourselves but with the very earth & heavens & the elements that created the universe.

Simply put, Feng Shui shows us how to easily create homes that
will foster happiness, wellbeing and prosperity for those living in them.

Some of the subjects introduced 
* The Feng Shui “BaGua” Mandala & the 8 directions 
* Balancing the energies of your home with the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood & Metal.
* Balancing Yin and Yang the masculine & feminine of our home. 
* The very Heart of Feng Shui 
* Change your Bedroom change your life 
* Placement of furniture & use of colour 
* Colour your walls colour your life 
* Your front door tells a story 
* Mirror mirror on the wall 
* Great building and decorating materials

Anthony Ashworth is a renowned world expert having been a practitioner, researcher and teacher Feng Shui & Sacred Space for over 20 years. Anthony offers consultations for your home or business. He is also recognised and is recommended by leading Feng Shui consultants as Australia's top Space Clearer.
With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of clients, Anthony knows how to help or teach you to get the best positive energy into and from your home or business.

Anthony an international speaker and teacher also offers lecturing & workshops in Vastu Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Sacred Place. 
(*Vastu from India some 10, 000 years old is the great grandfather of Chinese Feng Shui and considered the most powerful Feng Shui system on earth.)

"I believe I can help to release the latent potential of your home or office, to be the very best positive and supportive environment in which you can thrive. A soul filled, healthy, harmonious and sacred place. Our homes can be temples of light, powerful vehicles for the manifestation of our deepest dreams, our life purpose and our true destiny, places that holistically support and empower us physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually"  

Local site visit durng the course


The Vastu Purusha Mandala The en-coded madala of the dwelling spirit of place

Your course presenter Anthony Ashworth

During this course which is held in the pure and high energy of NSW Southern Highlands, an hour and half south of Sydney, we will  journey to what feels like exotic Asia , as we visit this local authentic solid Sandstone sacred Stupa.  Anthony has worked with the monks on the ongoing design of this Buddhist temple complex. We will also be visiting the "femine" counterpart a very large man made cave sanctuary in another  local Buddist monestry cave