Space Clearing What . Why and How too

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Space Clearing is the subtle energy art and ritual ceremony that permanently removes negative psychic and subtle energies from a place and that then enables the instilling of new positive vibrations and energies.

There is nothing new age about Space clearing; it is as old as the first buildings and beyond. All traditional cultures used to practise some form of Space Clearing, which acknowledged the understanding that we need to regularly remove the old stale energies and imbue a space with fresh new energies, in order for the occupants to thrive and move forward on and with their dreams and aspirations.     Space Clearing of a home or business  premises removes negative energies which build up over time or due to an incident in an environment and  including our own negatively generated  energies and those of others who have entered the space, such energies as human negative though forms are easily left behind and build up over time. Every time we have an unrealised idea, a dream or thought unfulfilled or a negative emotion or thought it is anchored in the very walls of our home or place. Every negative emotion or negative occurrence carries a charge which may be deeply impressed and held in the very fabric of the building,  as well as on and in the surfaces and in furnishings,  these inhabit a space to the detriment of all those living, working  or even visiting  a space. Eventually if not annually cleared away, these may lead to a space and place that does not feel as good as it should and  it may effect the physical mental and emotional health and attitude of the users, leading to the unrest, unease and un-healthiness, or even worse in depression or melancholy or simply that feeling or being stuck or feeling one has poor luck.                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                   Space Clearing removes the negative energy within and in one’s surrounding to allow the positive energy to enter and thrive.                                                                                       Nature arbores a vacuum” so once we create new clear space from old stuck & full space we then need to imbue it with our fresh positive intentions, love and aspirations.  Since everything in our life—from our health to our prosperity to our relationships — is highly affected by the flow of vital energy, some call this energy Chi or Prana or “the force”  Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra acknowledge these energies  it is vital that we keep this energy field around us clean and clear. Unwanted negative energy in our homes and businesses is a kind of toxic waste that creates negative effects on the quality of life and retards positive flow to the future.   Space clearing is a process where we allow the release of deeply imbedded negative energies and negative thought forms, whilst keeping the love and positive energies invested in a space and then having made space for the new we imbue a space with positive vibrant potential and intentions which allows the users to move forward more easily and  create anew and in a healthier, happier more creative supporting lighter space.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Spirit release and Ghost Busting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Some homes and some people, experience non helpful spirits or ghosts or entities, these energies may not be malevolent as such, perhaps just disruptive of sleep or they may create fear in the family, these energies may also be removed via special Space Clearing techniques sometimes requiring land clearing/healing via dowsing & earth acupuncture may be required in conjunction to a Space Clearing.


Is Space Clearing the same as Feng Shui or Vastu? 

In short, No, however it is related to these, in so much as both aim to increase positive energy and reduce negative energy within a environment,  but they are quite separate and different, whilst both acknowledge the flow of vital energy known as  Chi or Prana, they are both very different Feng Shui and Vastu aim to set up the best arrangement or placement of buildings, furnishing, materials etc, to allow and encourage the free flow of energy in a home, however even the best Feng Shui or Vastu designed homes still need Space clearing. Although good  Feng Shui may retard the build up of the negative energy, it in its self cannot prevent it or remove it, as such. Behind closed doors many a professional Feng Shui consultant has told me, that it is very difficult if not impossible, to make any  difference to a home that needs Space Clearing or clutter clearing, and many homes if not most, do. Not all, in fact very few Feng Shui or Vastu Feng Shui consultants  are able to or have the skills to Space Clear, despite many claiming they can, one of the ways to tell if a consultant has the full range and depth of these skills is to ask if they are able to remove negative entities or non helpful spirits from a home, if they say no, then they probably only have a rudimentary understanding of Space Clearing and one is best to have an expert Space Clearer access and clear the home.