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En-chanting the landscape.  

 a presentation

...please now also see newly anncounced NOV 2015 workshop  Working with Nature Spirits to reenchant our Earth & ourselves  


En-chanting the landscape.   A presentation


Anthony Ashworth presents a rich illustrated and visual journey along with profound information and a gripping storey of pilgrimage and sacred journey.

Whilst travelling in the Northern Alps of Italy, Anthony found himself on in a modern day quest for the real Holly Grail. Anthony was called in by the very landscape itself to its ancient mysteries. In this richly illustrated presentation, Anthony takes us deep into these earth mysteries and to the very archetypal myths of mankind and our relationship to the earth. We will learn of the archetypal feminine and masculine energies embedded in and running through and across counties and the earth, how these energies merge and rise at sacred places of power. Revered in pre-history and the Celtic Christian Church through to the Church Rome and to our recent past.

Is the earth, via the ley lines, song lines and dreaming tracks able to enter and alter our own consciousness? Can it rest in our sub-conscious awaiting enlightened awakening, did our ancestors, like the Australian Aboriginal know of and understand this power, was this in part, the basis of the old religions of the Ancient Earth Mother?

Anthony will share this profound pilgrimage into pre-history of Druid, Celtic and then early Christian Italy, where we will look into the Geomancy, symbols and energies of power places of the sacred earth axis’s of St Michael/Apollo and Marry/Artemis.

We will share in how is this information is applicable to where ever we live now and to our daily lives, to help show us how we can live in greater harmony and sympathy with the environment, the earth its energies and our homes.

Anthony is a researcher, teacher and creator of sacred and healthy places, not the least of these being our own homes. He has opened The School of Sacred Place to help ensure the old ways of our Ancestors live on.

En-chanting the landscape

If you are interested in having Anthony provide this presentation to your organisation or group of friends, please contact him for further details. An optional follow on 2 day experiential workshop is also possible, where these principle can be learnt and applied to our own homes and landscapes.


En-chanting the landscape an experiential workshop

 "En-chanting the Landscape" an experiential workshop for those interested in hands on experiential learning. You will  learn to recognise, dowse and work with earth energies,  sacred axis lines, ley lines, dreaming tracks, song lines and sacred power places and via chanting, sacred ritual and earth acupunture, how to maximise and potentiate, positive energy and how to deal with any negative response and how to direct these to better serve you and the environment . 

You will learn how to Re-En-Chant your own landscapes and your own home, with benefical balanced high vibrations for health, harmony, connection to the Mother Earth  and ultimately greater consciousness.   

Learn techniques of applied earth dowsing , earth energy sensitivity, earth acupuncture and earth healing. You will receive expert guidance in the powerful use of our own voice, your own personal portable energy activator and how to use it in chanting, as a powerful tool for change and manifestation,  and  just as our ancestors did for thousands of years.       



A certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants.

This course also earns acredited points toward practioner certification and will offered as part of the course work, for practitioner certification as a Vastu consultant.   

Please let me know if your interested in this course, and I will e-mail you further details, I require as little 4 or 5 participants and no more than 10 to run this course.  Please register your interest by e-mail 

 or call me.  Ph 0402 268508