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Anthony Ashworth  

A  gateway  to ancient yet applicable knowledge, a place for you to travel to and through. Whether you have been on this journey of learning for years or just taking your first steps into  the Sacred Space traditions.  Journey here to learn and train and experience  the many aspects of Sacred Place and Space .  

Anthony Ashworth : Director  

"All the riches of the world can not fill a home empty of your inner Soul"  Kahill Gibran



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As a Support To Your Feng Shui Practice


The Workshop

The ancient wisdom of dowsing can be a great tool for every Feng Shui Practitioner, helping to solve difficult and unexplained issues when consulting.

Dowsing is a diagnostic tool that tunes into unseen energies inherent or embedded in a home or the land under & surrounding it, so unhealthy or troublesome energies may be identified and resolved.

Two day workshop intensive 



What just a couple participants said on the previous one in July on the Gold coast 

Thank you so much to Anthony for an incredible weekend of dowsing. Anthony's passion for what he does combined with his dedication to sharing his knowledge with others made this an exceptional learning experience.Kim McLeod 


Thank you for a fabulous weekend Anthony. I loved everything about it - especially clearing the geopathic stress from K's property. Roslyn Neville



  8 Activities That Won't Break The Bank

I wrote a contribution to this article regarding Spirit walks to this article just published so go have a look at the link 8 Activities You Can Do When You’re Broke : Bush Walks, But Better
Do you feel disconnected from the world, and you need to take a break from city life? Anthony Ashworth, Vastu Feng Shui man, offers his advice for those who want to go out in nature. “Spirit walks in nature Forest Bathing 100% free. In Australia, we are lucky to have an abundance of bushland near or in our cities, so take yourself into nature on a Spirit Walks, the Japanese call it forest bathing. It’s more than a bush walk, it’s where you go into nature more consciously, you start by announcing yourself and your intention to be in the bush ie : "I am Anthony I am here to connect with the spirit of the bush and receive healing" ask permission of the spirit of the forest to be there, then walk very slowly and watch, slow & deepen your breathing down. Use all your sensors, listen, smell and feel the forest, sit down and do nothing for at last 20 minutes or more in one spot (no talking) then go hug or at least place your hands on the tree and then speak with that tree and see if it has anything to say, you might get quite the surprise? Meditate on a rock & connect your soul with the soul of nature our original m other get your toes into the soil or into the creek. Being in the forest brings us peace of mind, peace of soul and peace to our overly abused wallets too.” Find out more about Anthony Ashworth by following him on Facebook and Instagram.


8 Activities That Won't Break The Bank

If you're feeling a little low on cash but you want to keep yourself busy, here are eight ways you can have some serious fun, without spending a cent.


How To Design A Space For Perfect Work-Life Balance see link bellow 



Upcoming  workshops & FREE talks from July  2017

I will be offering a series of Workshops later this year on a variety of subjects commencing after June.  

Deepening  your Dowsing experiance, Dowsing for Feng Shui  proffesssionals. Vastu Ancient Indian Vedic feng Shui ,  Good House- Bad house, Protecting  your home. Clearing  your home with Space Clearing & smudging , Shamanism 101. 



Dowsing for Feng Shui Practitoners  July 2017 with Anthony Ashworth 

This is an  Advanced course designed specifically for Feng Shui practitioners, it will suite those who already dowse & those who wish to learn. The course will be extensive and intensive.  I have found that despite many Feng Shui practitioners having been taught rudimentary dowsing, they are not confident enough to  apply it at a professional level for there clients. This course will take the practice of dowsing seriously, as a modality in itself as well as a powerful and informative adjunct to a Feng Shui practice. Whilst it certainly will address Geopathic stress, it will be much more than this, addressing all the other energies a home is subject to, such as psychic energies & the plethora the other environmental energies a home or business is subject too and importantly methodologies that not only identify these energies but how to rectify and transform them. Participants will learn how to really use and trust the pendulum, as well as dowsing rods, bobbers etc and how to work deeply with dowsing charts and other dowsing equipment.



S p a c e   C le a r i n g    

It’s a time to let the old go and embrace new vibrant fresh energies. New year or leading up to it Accordingly and traditionally it is a time to let go of anything that is stale and past its used by date, a time to settle debts with others, resolve any undealt with conflicts, set aside old grudges you might have with family or friends and in order to start anew, a time to set or re-energise new fresh goals and aspirations.  It is also a mass Space Clearing ceremony and global ritual that embraces energetic cleansing and the ushering away of all that is negative in your lives and homes. Staleness creeps into even the best of homes and lives, mere unfulfilled dreams and wishes create negative holding patterns and old energies in place, let alone sickness and sadness.   In the Chinese tradition, ferocious dancing roaring loins and dragons act this out, loud gongs and bells clang and ring, with fireworks banging and booming, accompanied by showers of golden gunpowder alight. People’s homes are swept out in special ways to remove the negative but retain the good fortune. All this designed to chase away the old and relatively negative energy that has built up in the homes and our lives over the year.  THEN ... Once the old is dispersed and removed the feasting and celebrating commence, to show gratitude and encourage further abundance into our lives and homes.   To eat well on the Lunar New Year is to eat well all year.  As well as all the loud sounds and fire, the Chinese use bright energetic attracting colours of red and wealth inspiring gold in their homes, it’s a time after the removal of negativity to honour the brand new as symbolised by the new moon, the moon is a symbol of cyclical change and rhythm, as well as an honouring of the abundance given over the previous year by the White Goddess.     All people of all cultures had at one time ways to Space clear their homes, either the woman of the house did this or they had a priest /priestess or shaman do it, and they did at least once a year, more if the home had been inflicted by any grief, sorrow or sickness.  Every culture on earth that inhabited buildings and others that lived close to the land and for many thousands of years cleared their places and used to do  clearing or cleansing  in one way or another, it is something that we instinctively know to do, but perhaps have sadly left behind and forgotten in the rush forward.

S h a m a n i c    H e a l i n g  & Counsel   

I offer personal Shamanic healing, Shamanic conselling & Shamanic mentoring.

Healing modalities include: Shamanic entity removal & energy rebalancingSoul retrieval.Power Retrival & power retention. These healing may include Cleansings in the sweathouse , Energetic bodywork & massage along with Aura cleansing, sacred smudging & clearings, Shamanic journey and Shamanic drum & rattle work.

I have an onsite traditional healing wood fired Sweat House: (fire, water, earth and steam in the Europeian Shamanic and healing traditions) My shamanic work is also backed up by qualifications as a certified theraputic body worker and massure and trained & certified Reiki practitoner.  

I also take my clients out into the bush for Vision & healing Quests for the day or over night and  to both Mens and Womens Traditional Power & healing places, some of which are on Spirit Song lines, & to sacred healing pools and hidden Rainbow Spirit water falls. At these easily acccessable but private locations we connect deeply with nature thr nature spirts and the ancient and deep ancestor energies along with doing Shamanic processess and spirit work  for clarity of life purpose, power retrieval via connection to the power of these sacred palces and deep ongong healing.    

Please contact me if you wish to talk about or clarify these services and what I have to offer along with my fees for these service.  


Space Clearing Apprentaship course : By  demand I am finalising  The Space Clearing  Apprentaships Course , with remote e-learning to be followed up with an intensive weekend and then follow through mentoring and assignments. Leading to certifcation as a proffesional Space Clearer. I will be posting full details of this here soon. 

NEWS I will be scheduling a TWO day weekend course in Space Clearing in early 2016  Please now regiuster your interset  by emailing me Thank you 

The Sacred Geometry & Sacred Measure weekend residential was well attended by 11 heart led Architetcs from all across Australia. Please e-mail if you would like to possiblly attend the next one of these courses. 









This school brings the knowledge of the past into the present in order that we may thrive in the future. Whilst an emphasis is placed on the sacred traditions of the past, we also incorporate the latest in modern knowledge to be fully in the present.

"We create our homes and  then they create us"                                   

 Winston Churchill




"Why bother to connect with Nature. Whats in it for me?" The underlying psychology of not doing so.  

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  • Wabi Sabi The Now and Zen of Place, space and objects 
  • Lines of power, lines of light The power of Ley lines, spirit lines & song lines 
  • Your yoga space how to set up your space for a great Yoga experiance
  • Creating sacred space for Psyconaughts & deep shamanic experince 

Courses & subjects  currently being offered through the School


Vastu Veda the Ancient Indian Vedic great Grandfather of Feng Shui. design and methodologies for higher consciousness and connection to nature.

Feng Shui Form school and landscape school principles of Chinese Geomancy, the art of placement and living harmoniously with your environment .  

Sacred Geometry  & Sacred measure for Architects and designers   

Principles of Zen Design

Geomancy - Earth Energies  Reading the landscape and interacting with it in a sacred and powerful way.  En-chanting the landscape,  Earth healing and earth the mysteries, learn now to listen to the earth and speak with it, techniquies for healing, earth acupuncture, dowsing, enchanting the landscape and how we may be enchanted by our landscape.    

Archetypal Space  What are the key qualities, ideas and symbols from all cultures belonging to mankind as a whole. Principles that we all as modern people still relate to, and deeply know we need present our spaces and places?

Shamanic Principles of Space Visionary spaces and principles, the most ancient elements for living in and divining the universe.

Healthy non-toxic Interior Design Incorporating the principles of good and healthy home design and home living into Vastu Veda and Feng Shui is a vital foundation. before we can really tune the subtle energies we must ensure the basics are laid down. Homes that support and heal us, on all levels rather than making us sick or even killing us. A profound relationship exists in so much as generally whats supports our own hiuman health more than not supports the earths environmental health as well  


Space Clearing including sacred methodologies from many tried and true traditions from across the world.



In-house training and lectures, we come  to you.  

An exciting possibility is, if you have a group of  5 or more people, be they colleges, friends, a workplace or company. The School of Sacred Place is able to come to you, to provide a variety of courses and lectures. Please e-mail for details if this is of interest.  This service is available within Australia or Internationally .  

School founder Anthony Ashwoirth

About the founder of the school

Anthony Ashworth the Director and Head Teacher of the School is a qualified Architectural and Building Designer, Interior Designer and consultant Vastu Veda and Feng Shui practitioner as well as a Geomancer and Space Clearer.

Anthony is dedicating his life to furthering the knowledge of the sacred as it applies to the places where we live and work.The underlying principle of all places, indeed the foundation stone on which to build, is that they are healthy for us and healthy for the planet. To this extent, Anthony has traveled around the world and studied extensively to gain first hand insights into the core needs of people with regard to what they need and repond to, in a place.  

Anthony has a wealth of experience as a Teacher and Lecturer of Sacred and Holistic place. He has taught on a variety of subjects relating to sacred and holistic place within renowned Feng Shui Colleges, University, retreats and educational centres. He was invited to write and then teach for 5 years the course "Eastern Spaces, a cosmological approach to Design"  at the University of Technology ,Sydney (UTS) Architecture, Building and Design Faculty. Anthony is considered to be somewhat unique in his very broad knowledge of many of the ancient traditions. He continues to study with great love and passion that which our ancestors knew to be true and useful for thousands of years.  

In conjunction with other professional faculty, the school will be teaching courses and  subjects for general interest and education, professional development for practitioners, Architects and Designers, through to Certified Practitioner Level in the fields of   Feng Shui, Vastu Veda, Geomancy and Informed Interior Design .

contact us

e-mail - a.ashworth@rocketmail.com

Mobile Ph : 0402 268508

Website of Anthony Ashworth click here www.anthonyashworth.20fr.com

Implementation and consulting services in

Vastu Veda - Feng Shui - Geomancy - Space clearing - Architecture & Design

Along with offering teaching and lecturing.  The faculty of teachers are available as consultants in Vastu Veda,  Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Geomantic Earth healing and dowsing, Interior Alignment (Denise Linn's Intuitive Feng Shui) Healthy non toxic home consultations, Your Healthy Baby Space consulations, Clutter clearing service, Space Clearing.

Anthony Ashworth is also available for the holistic Architectural design of your new home or alterations and additions or Interior design or consulting as part of your team to you and your designer  in any of the specialist areas (see Anthony's  web site link below)  

De-coding the human relationship to place

We will be studying and decoding ancient yet living traditions of place, with an emphasis on how these de-coded traditions may be applied to our lives and our places, today.

A tradition or system of place that has been successfully applied for thousands of years, has to have shown that it works. It has to have been well proven to support the people who use it, otherwise it would have died out long ago. Some of these systems were once closely guarded secrets, used only by royal decree, by or for the rulers of society, or by the spiritual elite. Others (no less powerful) were vernacular and in more common use, if not less fully understood. These systems not only help mankind live more harmoniously with and manipulate the natural forces of the universe, but also help explain the mysteries of life and death.

We will be learning from, rather than about the past. Delving deeply, not for its own sake, but rather for how these teachings may inform us now.

By de-coding the human relationship to Place, the Earth and the Cosmos we can more successfully live in, and create harmonious, powerful and peaceful places for ourselves and for others.